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Something that Always Crosses My Mind

What would I do when I come back home later is a question that always takes my time to answer. I have some plans regarding to my future, but they are not enough, yet. There is always a thing that always crosses my mind since many years ago, and I think I have said that on this blog. It is that I want to learn, or more precisely to relearn about my religion.

I really want to understand and practice more about my religion. I realize that my religious is getting worse, that’s why I need to refresh, maybe I can find some “enlightenment”, or at least I can be a better person for myself.

Rotterdam, September 29th, 2016.

Published based on the draft.

Cara Meminimalisir Pengeluaran

Adalah dengan cara menundanya! Kalau anda tidak bisa mengurangi “to buy list” anda. Cara ini terbukti ampuh bagi saya. Sejauh ini paling tidak saya bisa meminimalisir pengeluaran saya 10-20% per bulan. Read more

Tahun 2015

Alhamdulillaah tahun ini lebih baik daripada tahun lalu. Semoga tahun depan lebih baik daripada tahun ini. Terima kasih atas segala kebaikan dan cobaan yang Engkau berikan padaku di tahun 2015 ini, ya Allaah 🙂