Children’s Voice

I am living in a dense settlement, in a hilly area, where a house to another is really close. It’s on a high land actually, but you can see the low side of the area very well. The topography is varied. I can reach other house’s roof easily. I can see a big white hotel from my dorm room, or see a big mall out there. We are crossed by small alleys around.

Though it’s a dense settlement, but it’s not a slum one. The neighborhood kept clean by the inhabitants. That’s one thing that I really appreciate about this neighborhood. They keep their environment clean, although it’s not always clean outta this neighborhood.

Here, in this neighborhood, you can see many children around. They are little kids, and they always play around. I love to see them playing, reminds me the beautiful moment in my childhood. Being a child is kind of happiness, you can play as you wish, nobody will complain if you make a mistake, because people know that you’re just a kid. At least you don’t burn the house.

The children used to cheering together. Sometimes I laughed whenever I heard them playing, or made a conversation with each other. They’re so straightforward, look so happy, laughing a simple thing between them. Their voice is a peaceful sound to me, an entertainment for my cloudy days.

I love to hear their chitchat, it’s so natural, rather than a conversation between adults full of serious thing. Children, they are the most natural creature of human beings.

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