First Saturday Morning in November

Saturday morning, jumped off my bed, and woke up lately. It’s not like Magic!’s song, Rude, dude. I am not going to propose a girl. I woke up lately, but I could manage to pray. Thank God, it’s Saturday. My most favorite day in a week. I went to jogging this morning, had some simple exercises. It’s a beautiful Saturday, pal. It’s sunny day, unlike last several few days which were cloudy and raining.

First day in November. So what am I gonna do? I got a bunch of duties to do, dude. Guess that I will finish them all today or not? Not sure, though. of course I can’t do it all. Maybe I’ll just finish the reading duty, and yeah, I will draw a map of Open Space mapping on a thin paper.

Uhmmm… Do I hear someone saying about resolution? Haha, I just want to study well this month, pal. I am so left behind, and have so many duties that seem like to be unlimited. I have some books to read, and still have so many regulations to read as well.

Ok, so.. what am I doing now? I am uninstalling some applications on my laptop. Trying to maintain my laptop’s performance, considering that it will be five years this November.

Feel good to see my room clean. Yeah I cleaned it myself, indeed. I’ve washed my clothes. What else? Ah, forget about it. This is Saturday. Don’t wanna screw it stupidly.

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