Here I am, Back Again. And Thank God, I am Fine

It’s been an honor to be back here again. Excuse me, am I sure saying those words? This is my own blog, isn’t it? So, why I should say those respectful words to me and to my own blog? Yes, I have to, because it’s been a month that I haven’t written any post here. And yes, I have to respect myself to write again.

Don’t get confused, fellas. It’s me, and you are in trouble to understand my writing.

I am honestly writing it frankly, so it is possible if you find yourself feel dizzy after reading this post.

You’ve read the title that I am back again. I am back from my laziness to write on this freaking blog. I got lots of things to do that led me to the unproductive situations. And I spent much time to think about what I should write, but didn’t realize it. For sure, it was not the right decision for me to spend plenty of time of being a lazy guy. So I got to leave that “lazy unproductive guy zone” to be in a “lazy, but productive guy zone.’ Am I right? God knows.


I’ve been through some bad time in this last few weeks, and people started to wonder and ask about me. I mean, my writing. Seriously, it was a fun joke about what the fellas said to me. And seriously, it might not a joke. And yeah, seriously, I am so glad to hear that they cared about me (my writing). Narcissistic? 99.99% yes.

I am here, I am back, I am writing again, and thank God, I am fine. I am having a good time with my friends, and having a good relationship with someone. Those are the main things that I want to tell you on this post, guys.

I am really glad to know that you care about me (my writing, my blog, or whatever), guys. The truth is, It is been an honor for me to entertain you with my freak mind that I use to write most of my writings.

See you again, my awesome fellas!

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