Here, Time is Ticking So Fast

I’ve left Pare, Kediri after almost six months (totally) spent my time there. I’ve been here (again) for about three weeks, and it feels so fast. The time is ticking so fast here, fellas! I think I didn’t do many things since I come home. I mean not as many as I did in Pare.


What about my productivity here? For sure, as my activities getting less, it drives my productivity lesser. However, I don’t really mind it, cause I sometimes need to be like this. At least I spend 5% of my time to be not productive. Not productive here means I enjoy something else and being not creating something. Just to enjoy my time with my family and my friends.


Not productive is somehow good to me when the result is not satisfying, so I can introspect myself whenever I fail on something. It’s kinda weird to hear it, but for me, that’s one of the ways to make me more productive. Gaining a pain for getting a glory.

Back to the time itself

Now, let’s talk about the time again.  Long, but not a very long time ago, I planned to come home again. And it’s been a great time for me to come home again. Even though I’ve always think that the time is running so fast. Faster! I don’t know that might be it’s caused by the different time zone or what, but it’s really happen.

Long time ago (seriously), when I was still in junior or senior high school, I watched a TV show. This TV show showed a publication about Albert Einstein’s thought about time. Based on that TV show, I concluded that doing several things in a period of time makes the time more meaningful. You might say that it’s been said by many people. That’s true, fellas! However, I put more attention on it because it said, I mean it was emphasized by Albert Einstein.

And as I concerned about that, I think I’d like to be busy again. Busy to help others to be better.

Have a good time, fellas!

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