I don’t Think That Summer Was Real

Hello, I am back, here to write again. I have been busy these last few weeks, from volunteering, working on some duties, to some unplanned outings with old friends. Alrighty then, let’s just get to the point. I would like to write about a movie that I just re-watched again. 500 Days of Summer, the title.

I know, it’s not a new movie. It’s 2009 movie, right? I’ve watched it years ago, and I wrote about it as well, despite in Bahasa Indonesia. Well, you can search for it on the search box in this blog (only if you want to). Anyway, after rewatching it again, I do think that the story just like a real one. Although, not with the Summer.

You know, Tom and Summer made a some kind like a relationship, but without any consistency. No status. Summer prefers it as just friendship between them. On the other hand, Tom wants it as a real relationship, like dating or the like. It was interesting to see how they did the “no relationship status”, despite its sadness in the end.

You know, some people really want to make sure their relationship by setting the status “on”. But some people are just feeling comfortable with no status between them. And in this case, I don’t think that Summer’s decision with Tom was nice. And for that, I don’t think that Summer was real.

She looked too good to be trusted, and too bad to be hated. Seems like she was just like Tom’s imagination about his dream girl, although she was real in the movie. She was just like a shadow for me.

Fortunately, at the end of the movie, Tom meets Autumn. A girl who looks can give Tom the real feeling that he needs, a relationship that he wants, and make all the things obvious.

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