I Miss Pare

I was there for months. Attended an English Course at TEST-English School, Pare – Kediri. I didn’t expect much at that time but only English skill improvement. Yet, I got more, much more than just an English skill improvement. I met many different people, made a lot of friends, went to many places that I’ve never been before – including Bromo mountain (twice), tasted some culinaries, learned to assimilate with a new neighborhood, and yes, had some romantic time. No, I am not kidding.

It wasn’t going well all the time, though. I had some hard situations as well there. And I had ever wanted to leave due to some things over there. I lost my mood several times, and just have planned to leave for a few times. Fortunately, I could manage to stay. I didn’t have a fairly better reason to leave, while I had a choice to hold at that time. It was hard to leave on those occasions, escaping from situations, when obviously there were things to take care about.

Some of my friends – close friends left the place, moved to another one. I was so sorry for that, I missed them while they were not around, because we used to be together every day for a few months. Uh, memories.

People come and gone over time. Some of our friends moved to other place, and some went back home after finishing their course study. It was hard to see them went home, sometimes. But, yeah, that was the reality. We had to face it, along with the other new comers who came around every month. I never forget them all.

Just a few hours ago, I felt that I really missed that place. It was just crossed my mind badly. I missed the atmosphere, the friendship, and almost all the things related. I still could feel the feelings when I woke up in the early morning, started the memorizing class, study for many hours, and had a multimedia class in the evening. That was my most favorite class.

I can never forget the experience when I taught a few classes there as well. It was one of the best and most challenging things to me. I was just a student for years, and then I became an instructor. Woah, I couldn’t explain how I felt when the first time I stood in front of the students to explain about the course. And yeah, regardless to some obstacles, that was an amazing experience for me mostly. That was unforgettable.

Uhm… it’s more than a year, since the last time I have been there. I know that maybe things are changed there. Of course most of the students there are new people to me, but it doesn’t matter. Hopefully, I can be there again soon enough. And recall the memories about the things I got there. It must be beautiful.

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