Just Another Gloomy Song

Guys, if you need to listen to a gloomy song, perhaps it’s one of the gloomiest song ever. According to me, Creed’s With Arms Wide Open is considerable as a gloomy song, regardless about its lyric’s meaning. It’s not a new song, though the gloomy feeling was suddenly emerging when I listened to it in a café somewhere out there.

Here are the lyrics:

Well I just heard the news today
It seems my life is going to change
I closed my eyes, begin to pray
Then tears of joy stream down my face

With arms wide open
Under the sunlight
Welcome to this place
I’ll show you everything

Well I don’t know if I’m ready
To be the man I have to be
I’ll take a breath, take her by my side
We stand in awe, we’ve created life

Now everything has changed
I’ll show you love
I’ll show you everything, oh yeah
Wide open

If I had just one wish
Only one demand
I hope he’s not like me
I hope he understands
That he can take this life
And hold it by the hand
And he can greet the world

It’s not merely about my feeling, dude. I just share my thoughts about a gloomy song. In case you need it as a source of inspiration, for instance. Ow yeah, you can also listen to the covered (same title) version, by Boyce Avenue. It’s a good cover, guys. You can feel the gloomy feeling from both versions.

PS, don’t blame me if you fall into a gloomy feeling cause of this song. 🙂

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