Let the Coffee In, Again

I am not a coffee addict. I used to avoid it for some reasons. It started a few years ago, when I got a heartburn after I drunk a cup of coffee. I didn’t know how this could happen to my body, because it was never happened before. Then I tried to figure out, that it might happen accidentally. I drank coffee again, then soon after that, the heartburn was starting again. I thought it was because I haven’t had dinner yet. So, I concluded that I needed to eat first, then I could drink coffee. Still, I had to avoid drinking coffee for preventing the heartburn.

However, considering that I needed to stay up all night to do my duties in these last couple months. I started to need caffeine supply in my body. And yeah, I started to drink coffee again. Though, I still need to eat first before drinking coffee. I don’t want the heartburn messes up my night. Now I drink coffee at least a cup every day.

I drink an instant coffee, like cappuccino, or milk coffee. I don’t need to mention the brands. It’s not an expensive coffee, actually.

I can say that, mostly I don’t feel any heartburn anymore. But I could feel that my heart beat a little bit faster after drinking coffee. Hopefully it’s not a serious thing, and I can let the coffee in again.

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