No Leisure Time Last Night

It’s 2.43 am, it’s cold outside. I don’t think that I will write many lines of post now, because I have things to do. I just wanna say that last night I couldn’t manage to go to have “a leisure time” like I wrote on my previous post. So, how come? It’s just mostly because of the weariness.

So, after arriving in the dorm room, I was only feeling that I wanted to sleep. But I didn’t, my friends invited me to have a dinner in the street vendor, and yeah I went as well.

I don’t know, maybe I demand leisure time way too much, rather than keep my eyes and mind into the “study track”. I think it’s just like a part of complaining the situation, the thing that I should avoid. If I am not mistaken, I spent much more of time to think about having a leisure time than it should be. Then I started to think that the best leisure time is sleep well.

Sleep well, dude. I still want to stay up for a little while.

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