Pare, A Year Ago

August 27th 2013, the day was the very first time I got to Pare, Kediri. I went there by train from Surabaya, then continued the trip by public transportation. On the way around, I saw sugar can mostly. It was dominating the landscape. At that time I was thinking that Java was actually not as crowded as the television always shown. There are a lot of green areas I saw on the way. I was far away from home, and I was alone. Really alone.

I didn’t know exactly about the details how to get there. Luckily, I met someone on the train who explained me about how to get there. The train trip was relaxing while I was wondering away about the days will come.

Nearly 4 hours on the train, I finally arrived at the train station. I don’t remember the name of the station, but I can recall that it was one station before Kediri station. The guy on the train told me that it was the nearest station to Kampung Inggris (English Village), Pare, Kediri, East Java. Later on I hopped on a public transportation car, named Len, which was the first time I heard about the name. People used to name it “angkot”.

I didn’t know anyone there, both on the way and on my destination. I was just following my instinct. I’ve forgot the feeling to be lost or kidnapped by some bad guys around.

After thirty minutes riding the public car, I finally got there. The first time I stepped on Pare. However, I didn’t arrive on the place where my destination was. The driver fooled me, and I had to walk for hundreds of meters away. I was bringing a suitcase and a backpack. I didn’t care what the people thought about me. One thing for sure, that I was not the one who was walking on the sidewalk. Some people I saw brought their suitcase, trying to get to their own destination. It was August, obviously not a peak season, so it was not much crowded.

It was a new place for me. But I don’t think that the people were new to me. Many people came from Makassar to study there, and it was helping me, because I could find partners to speak in our own dialect in our spare time. I couldn’t speak like Jakartanese or people who live in Java. I was struggling to match their dialect.

Briefly, I spent approximately half a year there. Though at the first two weeks I felt bored, but then I figured out that it was actually one of the best periods in my life. I can consider that it was the best six months in my last five years.

Now, a year after the first time I had been there, I still can remember many things about the place, the people, the foods, the lessons, all is kept save in my memory.

See you again, Pare.

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