Read As Many As I can

I am gonna write something which is really important for me to do. Alright, the class has been started for about 7 weeks. I am now studying in graduate program, Urban Design. What I am feeling in this several weeks of study is I am lack of knowledge in this field, though I graduated from Urban Planning study program, which is related to the current subject that I study.

The reason why I have a few knowledge in this field is I didn’t read much about it before. I couldn’t talk much about it while we had a discussion in the class. It’s a bit frustrating, cuz I had some ideas actually, but I couldn’t deliver it in a well-arranged statement. It requires some “fancy” words or terms in this subject, so the lecturers and you friends could give you some attentions. At least they didn’t ignore you.

Four days in the college, and sometimes five days is a kind of thing that consume your time a lot. Plus a bunch of homework is really physically and mind demanding. With the rest of the time, let’s say weekend, I could only do a few things like reading the lecture materials. Need for leisure time should be decreased, in order to give me more time to read.

Read as many books as I can, required.

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