Rule? What the Heck, I am Not a Robot!

Just give me a little humanity, please!

There is nothing better than having a free time for this time, after all the tight schedules. And I am lucky, cuz I am doing it now. Now I am having my free time, for sure! I should’ve been having an exam right now, but there was no chance for me. I was late and the tutor didn’t allow me to attend it.

Oraik, let me just talk. Actually I didn’t realize that I was late. I heard that the “drilling” exam would be started at 8.30 AM. I came at 8.10 AM and found that the exam was already started. How could it be? Someone told me that the exam was started 30 minutes earlier than the prior announcement the tutor announced. You know what? That was not consistent.

I was a lil bit speechless at the time. Maybe I was wrong, I came late and didn’t realize that some of my friends were already in the class, but I think the tutor should’ve tell us clearly that the exam would be started earlier. I was still don’t believe that he didn’t allow me to attend the exam. And yeah, I didn’t like the way¬† he told me to not to attend the class.

Rule is rule and everybody has to obey it. Some people believe that rule is the best way to apply in education. Yeah that’s good! But I am worry that the education system will be a huge robot manufacturer. When people have to follow all the rules, the rules maker will have a power to force people to do whatever they desire to. And it will drive people to be like robots, moreover, people will lose their humanity.

I recall a movie, iRobot. The movie told a story about robots that believed would be perfect assisstants to human. At the early, the robots were very kind to human, they were unseparated in human’s daily life. Then it turned out, the robots were no longer kind to human, they fight the human instead.

That was quite similiar with the real life. Some rules will turn people to be just like robots because there is no humanity in the way they applicated. When people tend to lose their humanity, they will be easily to lose their mind and their sense. Then you can predict that there will be a war to fight the rule and the people who created it.

I am not good to obey/follow all the rules. Rule is good if there are clear explanations and humanity in it.

Sometimes I hate the rule, not just because the rule is bad. But because the way it applicated is not clear, not fair and arbitrated.

That was a short story for today. This is Saturday and I want to enjoy my spare time.

Keep calm, cuz everything’s gonna be oraik, tiger!

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