She Looks Like My Grandma

I walked through her house almost every day. That’s an alley to get to a street vendor where I used to have a breakfast. I went down on that way, and saw her almost every morning. She’s always smile to me, and so do I to her. There’s nothing better than it, have a warm greeting from her in the morning.

I always keep it in my mind, she looks like my grandma, my mom’s mother. Sometimes I wanted to stop by and say that words, that she reminds me my grandma. I lived with my grandma in a village for about 5 years. It’s so unfortunate, that I can’t see my grandma again. She’s gone, it has been 7 years. And yeah, I no longer have grandmother, my father’s parents are gone as well.

I do love my grandmother, sometimes I shared some stories with them and we laughed together. I always miss them, wanna have a big hug from them.

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