Some Short Term Planning

I just told my parents some of my plans ahead. It was some of my plans for the next few years. Initially, I asked them about the cost for doing umrah, they told me the price, and I said I have a plan to go do it in the near time. My father asked me whether I have the budget already or not, and I said I didn’t have any money yet. How dare I have such a plan without any money. It will cost me much, though! Continue reading “Some Short Term Planning”

To Contribute

All of us want to see the world to be better. We’re same, I want it as well. I am now approaching my “quarter life” period, which means it will be soon for me to have a bigger responsibility as a person who is living the middle of the society. People are changing, so does the world. It will take more concerns in the future … Continue reading To Contribute