I Don’t Remove Worpress’ Credit

Many wordpress users out there removing their outbound links to wordpress from their website/blog. That’s fine, especially if they use a paid server for their paid domain. I don’t think that wordpress has a ToS (Term of Service) for removing their credit from users’ website/blog. Correct me if I am wrong. But for me, I just want to keep wordpress linkS on my blog, as … Continue reading I Don’t Remove Worpress’ Credit

When the Website Layout Changed

It’s not easy when the website owner changes the layout of your dashboard. It’s happening on wordpress.com, it has a new layout for its dashboard. Visually, it’s interesting, but I couldn’t find the stats panel as easy as before. There is no longer stats tab on the dashboard like before, so it was confusing me.

I was thinking that they (the designers) removed this feature out. However, it was not, it was in “my sites” tab, and for that, I had to do more clicks. I prefer the previous layout/design where I could see my web’s stats only with a single click. Continue reading “When the Website Layout Changed”

Sharing Soundcloud Track Should Be Simpler on WordPress

I was trying to share a track from soundcloud to my wordpress.com blog this morning. I found the share button on the app (I use soundcloud app on my android phone). So I was just pushed the share button, and share it on my wordpress blog. It wasn’t like what I wished. I wish that the track could be played on my blog, otherwise, it … Continue reading Sharing Soundcloud Track Should Be Simpler on WordPress