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Tag: Writing

500 Posts

Couldn’t believe that I have posted 500 posts on this blog.

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22 Out of 31

Minus nine

I’d like to share about my promise. Last month I promised to myself that I would write at least a post every day. I started to write at December 5th, and now, it’s January 5th. Finished or not, I have to show the report.

Ok, here you go, from Dec 5th to Jan 4th (a month) I’ve written 22 posts. I wrote 22 posts in thirty one days. Not bad? Kinda. However, it’s not enough to finish the challenge. I missed 9 posts, means I skip 9 days to write any single post.



Though I was always thinking about the challenge years ago, but I just did it since a month ago (in this blog). Honestly, I challenged myself to write a daily post in 2012 (in my free wordpress account – rixonit), still I couldn’t finish it. It was a good challenge, the name was 30 days meme song challenge.

So, what can I imply from these two challenges? The answer is, I still couldn’t manage it. I still couldn’t finish what I aimed to. I realize that I still poor on this area, the area of “finish something”.

It’s just a simple thing, but promise is a promise. I am not supposed to bargain with myself. I have to be assertive to myself, even though I could explain the reasons why I couldn’t finish the challenge.

Next time I’ll try it again. Promise? Uhum….

A Post before Going to Bed

I just read the first chapter of “College Writing Skills” book. It was a very good book to learn how to write well. I found a usual sentence which suggested the reader to write a journal before going to bed. It said that at least we have to spend 15 minutes, and don’t be worry about making mistake as we write. Oh yes, that’s a good idea. I was always read about that tip to improve my writing, but unfortunately I never managed to make it. Is it because I didn’t want to write indeed, or I didn’t have enough time, or maybe because I was just want to make my writing perfect? I dunno exactly.


Writing, aye!

As I have been appointed as a tutor at writing class of my course, I had to think about it. I mean I have to maintain my writing skill, and to maintain it, I have to write often. I did not vow to make a post every day, because I am sure that I will not make it. I hope this post is a beginning of my regular posts every day since now.

For you who is also want to improve writing skill, cheers!