Idle Mode

Oh yeah. It’s been a long time since the last time I wrote a post here. Though, it has not been a month yet, but I think I am like in an idle mode, where it seems that I don’t do anything (unproductive). Truth to be told, I’ve always wanted to write here in this last few weeks. However it was not come to reality, … Continue reading Idle Mode


22 Out of 31

Minus nine I’d like to share about my promise. Last month I promised to myself that I would write at least a post every day. I started to write at December 5th, and now, it’s January 5th. Finished or not, I have to show the report. Ok, here you go, from Dec 5th to Jan 4th (a month) I’ve written 22 posts. I wrote 22 … Continue reading 22 Out of 31