That Cylinder Thing

This is a thing that I don’t expect to happen. I am really concern with this thing. My eyesight is getting weaker. And it’s really worsening my day. It’s worse than before, that now I always feeling dizzy, most likely because of my diminishing vision. It’s not a good thing for sure, when you walk across the street and you feel like your head spun.

So, I went to eye hospital this morning, and you know what, the line was sooo long. And I had to wait for couple of hours for my turn. I was really worried that I couldn’t attend the class, thank God, the lecturer didn’t come, eventually. After more than two hours of waiting, finally my turn came.

Not only that, I had to wait again in front of the “refraction” room. Spent more than 30 minutes on the chair waiting, guys. Then, there came my turn, I sat on a chair, did some eye tests, talked with the doctor, and got the result. It was not surprising, though. I’ve already known it since last year. My eyes have cylinder issue. However, it’s getting worse.

Last year, my right eye got 0.7 and now turned to 0.75. My left eye got 0.75, now turned to 1.0. The doctor recommended me to wear glasses. Nonetheless, I wasn’t satisfied yet, I went to the campus’ clinic to see the comparison. I run some eye tests again, with different doctors, and it shown that my right eye got cylinder 1.0, and the left one got 1.25. I don’t have any idea how both tests could have a different result. 0.70, 0.75, 1.0, 1.25, not a scary numbers, but I am not really happy with that. That’s a worse news, not a bad news anymore.

Obviously, the doctors recommended me to wear glasses. Unfortunately, I don’t think that I will want to wear them. Though, I don’t know whether there is another alternative or not, I will try to figure it out, though. I got some eye drops medicine from the clinic, and I do have eye supplement (I just bought it several days ago), hopefully they will help me to reduce my eyesight issue.

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