The Conservation

I am about to write a report about conservation in an Old Town. It will take some time to collect the primary data on the site, and some information from the operator, plus from the literature study. I am not going to write it too technically. Otherwise, I just want to write about my thought on conservation itself. Simple, I guess.

I thought that it was not really important to study about the conservation deeply at the first place. I mean, it was not in my “radar” when I was started to study urban design. However, after attending the course and reading some journals, papers, and books, I’ve to consider that this issue, the conservation is really crucial.

Then why did I say so?

Some questions, have you ever contemplate about where did you come from? Who was your predecessor? What was their legacy that put a fundamental thing in your neighborhood, or even your life?

The answers from the questions above reflected how important the legacy was. How important the past was. It formed the future from back then. People were struggling to do it for us, the current generation. And with the ruins, the rest of the legacy that is still exists today will help us to make sure that the next generation can still see the proof that we were here.

The conservation effort helps us to know who we are, what was there in the past, what was the history that set our present life. It helps us to protect the significant thing that really reflects the goodness of our culture. Though, conservation is not only aimed for the “tangible” things like building, artefact, etc. but it’s also aimed for the intangible thing like culture, as I said before.

Yeah, I know that it sounds like too classic for us. That’s related with the past, or so on and so on. However, without the past, there would be no you. There would be no us. And with the conservation, it will be fascinating to know that our life is so valuable, regarding to how long was the civilization begun, and how important for the next generation to realize it.

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