The Smell of Shower Gel

I felt like I was still in my third year in the college this morning. I felt like I was preparing myself to go to the class. I used to sense that scent in the morning before I went to the class. It was the same scent that I used to sense in the old days. And I knew that it was from a same shower gel. Same in a different way.

I don’t use the same shower gel, it came from other’s shower gel. FYI, I live in the dorm now with 2 shared bathrooms. It means that me and three other fellas share the same 2 bathrooms in our dorm. And by the way, since the scent reminds me of my old days, does it mean that I have to use a same shower gel? No, it doesn’t.

I don’t want to use the same shower gel that I used years ago. I don’t like that scent as much as I used to. It was a bit pungent, and I think it’s not a good scent to sense for longer, like in a class time.

Sensing the same scent reminds me memories of the past. I was surprised when suddenly I got a flashback to the past several years ago. Felt like I was going to a similar direction, but I just didn’t want to do it the same ways like I used to do. Instead, I wanted to do it better. Much better.

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