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Yesterday, I was gambling on my laptop. I gambled my whole data on my laptop only for trying an open source (Linux OS), named elementary OS (Operating System). Elementary OS or eOS is a Linux distribution (distro) based on Ubuntu. Actually, my laptop was pure a Windows based, but I felt bored with the slow booting and shutdown time of it. Accidentally, I found a link or stuff like that on a social media showed that there is a variant of Linux (Ubuntu) that has a clean look, and good performance. [update: I got it from WIRED tweet]. So, I was curios about that and shortly downloaded the iso file.

To be honest, I’m just a newbie in Linux, no, I’m just a super newbie user of Linux. Even though I’ve read plenty of informations about Linux since when I was in junior high school, I didn’t ever try to install it on my computer. I’m a windows user since the first time I used a computer long time a go. I’ve tried to used my friend’s Mac who used a similar kernel with Linux generally, but sometimes I found myself didn’t used to use the OS. I mean, there are some differences of the UX (User Experiences) between Windows and the other OSes.

Screenshot elementary OS
Screenshot elementary OS di laptopku

 Yesterday was the day I decided to install the other OS on my laptop. I chose the elementary OS, after read and watch the video about it. Many people love this OS, and I said, why don’t I try to install it? When will I experience the OS but now? I recall one of my friend in the college used Ubuntu (Linux OS) to finish his final assignment. I saw that using Linux is tricky, not like Windows which doesn’t demand the user to type any line of code to run an operation. But, I’m a curious person about it. So I tried it, I gambled my data.

No, wait

Initially, I was just wanted to install this elementary OS on my laptop without backing up my data. Then I contemplated a moment. Read some informations about the risk of installing this OS, then I changed my mind. I grabbed my external hard disk and backed up my windows and the data on my laptop. It needed about 8 hours to complete the whole backup operation. Not a short time to wait, definitely.

 After read plenty of articles, I started step by step to install the eOS. I’ve restarted my laptop about fifteen times before I was sure that the OS is ready to use. And yeah, I like the appearance of this OS at the first sight. Even though it’s not perfect yet, but I think WIRED didn’t wrong about the OS, that it is the Apple of Linux Oses.

I would say that this OS is challenging. I had to find out the way to solve some issues occurred on my laptop. The first thing I would do with this OS was listen to the music, and boom…. the music file couldn’t be played. The music player needed codex to play the file. And I have to download all the codex to complete the operation. So, I suggest you to stay connected with the internet if you would like to install this OS.

 Here are some issues that I faced after finish the installation:

  • Couldn’t play the music and video. Solution: you need to download and install all the necessary codex/patches.
  • Needed to find the VGA driver, since I used nVidia as my VGA. Solution: easy, just wait a couple minutes, install it, and reboot the system.
  • Couldn’t adjust the screen brightness. Solution: I still don’t find it.
  • There was no windows office like application. Solution: download it from the eOS software center.

Most of the issues I faced were, how to install an application by typing lines of codes. But, fortunately I could manage it. Again, the internet saved me, I read many articles about it, plus asked for help from my friend.

 A small step

 it was just a small step for me to step on the Linux area. It’s challenging of course, and I have a vision to use the open source. I think using an open source is cool, because we have to do a bunch of things to solve a simple issue of this OS, no matter you are a coder or not, you have to be able to insert some lines of codes to solve it. Next, I would like to make myself be accustomed with this open source user experience (UX).

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