Last week one I attended a class, Urban Design Methods. There was a topic that had been discussed in the class, it was about visioning. It was a very good topic, and the lecturer explained it very well. I realized several things during the lecture, one of those things is that was one thing that should’ve been pinned in my mind, and I do have to stick with that thing. Vision.

I do have a vision, though. That is, I want to be a good guy. It’s a good intention to be a good guy. However, it’s too general. I need to make it more specific. And I think if I told it to the lecturer, he would laugh on it. it’s not merely about how to be a good guy. But how to be a good guy, a very good one in a certain thing.

It’s also about what kind of job that I will do in the future, and what should I do to perfect my skill on that thing.

I have to rearrange about what will I be in the next 5, 10, 15, 20 and so on years later. Surely I have to figure out how I can reach it.

Visioning, is obviously something that almost been forgotten by me. It has similar meaning with some words like resolution, or planning. Whatever the words are, I do have to make it clearer again.

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