Walked A Lot

I walked a lot last night, I went through the famous Erasmus Bridge back and forth. It took about 10 minutes per trip, and it was under the rain. The rain was just a light one, though it was quite windy. I went there alone, of course.

I rode a tram to my flat afterwards, and did some chat messaging with my friends. I fell into the chat room, and I didn’t realize that I’ve missed two stops, so I had to take a walk again, and of course still under the rain.

I asked the other passenger about the way to my flat, and he told me to just take a straight way. Thanks to that guy. I went through the pathway all alone, for some people it might have been a scary thing. I didn’t think so, I enjoyed my walk, even though I had to walk for at least fifteen minutes to reach my flat. It was my first time to walk through that way. I have never seen before. I didn’t mind it, because I could see place that I have never been before, and I could see it in a different way, in the dark, where not everyone could have it.

Though it starting to get much colder, I am still looking for another time to do the same thing. Maybe to get lost (again and again) and see things from other perspective, take a different way and catch other surprise for myself. I’d love to do it!

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