Women’s Voice

I think it’s a good thing for me. Listening to woman’s voice is kinda good for me this recently. I was not expect that it was really fun to hear it. It’s a different experience for me, since I didn’t spend plenty of time listening to female singer. Yes, I do listen to Anggun, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Norah Jones, and other female singer, but it’s different now. I feel more fun this recently, listen to women’s voice, I mean female singers.

I have more female singers’ song on my playlist now. I downloaded a bunch of tracks days ago, say from Kimbra, Tove Lo, Foxes, Dido, Kiesza and Keyshia Cole. Like I meant before, it brings a different experience, women’s voice has its own characteristics, and I think it brings a different impression of how I enjoy music. I listened to Kimbra’s songs, those are all good songs, Tove Lo, Kiesza, others are nice as well.

Who impressed the most are Tove Lo’s “talking body”, Kimbra’s “90’s Music”. I played Tove Lo, Kimbra, and Kiesza’s latest full album, they have awesome songs. It was out of my expectation, that I could feel more impressed for their songs. I can say that they have a deep musical or whatsoever. I have Foxes song, both from her own album, and from other collabs like her song “Clarity” with Zedd and her collab with Adventure Club. Though I have many of Foxes songs, but I haven’t listened to all of her songs in her latest album, but I am sure that all of them are nice as well.

Women’s voice, they’re so relaxing somehow.

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