Working on My Duty, Composing Academically

Just like it used to, I am sitting in front of my laptop to finish one of my duties. This duty will have to be submitted this Wednesday, tomorrow, exactly. It is History and Urban Design Theory subject. This duty requires me to write a paper with more than 4 pages about urban design for the future. The lecturer asked us to summarize some materials and insert it to the paper, I can say that this is like composing a writing academically. It will need strong arguments related to urban design, so I do need to review some papers again.

I like a duty like this, because it pushes me to read books/papers. It is not easy at all, since to understand a reading material in English and to interpret it is somehow challenging and it’s time consuming. For instance, couple days ago, I read a chapter in Urban Design Reader book, “Principles for Regional Design” I needed hours just to read three pages out of 18. It was just from one source, not including the previous three different sources.

It’s now 3.36 A.M. it has been more than one hour since I have awaken this super early morning. I do need to finish this duty as soon as possible, so I have time to work on other duties. But before that, I want to share about this duty, as I have written above. I will write a report about it afterwards. I will write about how I finish or screw it. Anyway, I don’t want it remains as a burden of thinking, so hopefully I will finish it this morning, or at least I finish 3 out of 4 pages.

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