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I told the words to my students on Monday. I asked them to present about English Language in the speaking class. As I wrote on the first day post, some of my students couldn’t manage to speak without bringing their papers. It was so pity to see them read the papers while the others could make speech without bringing any papers.

A woman who brought papers while she made the speech on Monday, promised to me that she would perform better on the next day. Unfortunately, on Tuesday she didn’t come to the class. She didn’t attend any class since morning. My class was held in the afternoon, and the weather was always cloudy and raining. I don’t know what the reason was why she didn’t attend any class yesterday.

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On the other side, a man who brought papers while making speech on Monday attended my class yesterday. I reminded him to not to bring any papers while speaking in front of the other students. And yes, he didn’t bring any papers, he got the courage and he was able to speak in five minutes as I asked to everyone on the class.

Almost same, but…

Obviously, there were two other new comers in my class. They were women and felt nervous. Unlike the prior case, these two women could make the speech without bringing any papers. They were better in term of courage and confident. However, both of them were still making many hesitations and almost given up to speak in five minutes.

It was challenging to encourage the students who didn’t have any confident to speak in front of the class. And I found that the mature persons sometimes have to be treated as kids to make them better.

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